Talent Booking

Let us book the entertainment for your upcoming event.  You name a talent and we can acquire them for your event.  If it is properly planned and executed, concert production can be extremely profitable.  If you are a promoter, fund raiser coordinator or someone wishing to have a gratifying personal event with a national act performing for you, we can help.  The first step to a successful event is the talent booking should be handled by a professional agent that is distinguished and reputable in the industry.  We assist you from the onset to the finishing of the planning of an event.  A professional booking agent will intently observe your interest throughout the event planning process.  Talent performance deposits will get into the hands of appropriate individuals. We will stay with you through-out until the talent arrives at your event. If required by an artist, Silkline will also be of assistance with necessary sound production. Contact us with your concept and rest assured that your event will become and stay effortless and trouble-free.  

Talent Management

There are countless individuals that do not contain the expertise that is required for their talent to be observed by promising entertainment executives.  There are also plenty of talented persons who have not achieved professionalism at this point.  Then, there are those that are talented and professional that simple lack the finance to accomplish there objective.  Whatever the reasoning may be, Silkline can help in developing and advancing your career.  Give us call to set up an appointment, so we may indentify with you where you exist with the familiarity and intensity of your talent.

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