About Us

Founded in 1998, Silkline Production Company has been flourishing for nearly 12 years.  Our goal is to improve your business’s presence in the digital world that we exist in today. Our motto, “we will make your business a household name” has allowed our company to remain prideful and promising with a satisfyingly favorable customer base.  Collectively, our staff has over 75 years of experience in marketing and advertisement, television commercial production, website development and graphic design.   We combine all of our expertise to produce a marketing package that will generate an abundance of revenue for your business.  We take pride in successfully accomplishing and meeting the needs of a business at an unbeatable price.  We are a steadfast company that will stay loyal and carry responsibility for your advertisement needs.  We will monitor your advertisement and marketing products to make sure they are performing to your desire.  We will also advise you of deficient performance outcomes and make sincere recommendations while continually maintaining availability to perform the changes that you request.  We strongly feel this will give a company the freedom to deliver exceptional service to the entirety of the new customer base that your business will be attracting.  We are a knowledgeable company that fully understands the value of a dollar in today’s recessed unpredictable market. This is why we are prepared in every respect to work with your sizeable or petite budget so that your business can have a favorable edge geared towards your suitable market.  Also, we are a national talent booking agency and have the capability to contract any celebrity that one may want to hire.  Talent can be contracted as a means of promotion or can be contracted for appearances in television commercials, photos on a website or even to perform at an event.  We are favorably respected in the entertainment industry and would be pleased to responsibly and accurately organize a talent to satisfy your objective.

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